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What We Do
  • Provides organisations with human capital of high educational ability and experience and secure professional status....Read more 

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Dr. Anyanwu Chikpandu Francis
(Director General/Chief Executive Officer)

An entrepreneurs' consultant is a professional who for a fee provides independent and objective advice to management and improvement of client organisation to achieve their goals and make proper use of resources, diagnosing problems and/or opportunities, recommending solutions and helping with the implementations. 

An entrepreneurs' consultant is a business adviser who must first meet the standard of professional qualifications defined as having skills, knowledge and expertise, tested by examination and continuously developing a structured and monitored context, committed to the values of accuracy and reliability.

Entrepreneurs' consultant’s work in every country of the world including those employed in the private and public sector organisations. A greater number of entrepreneur’s consultants work as sole practitioners.

The main activities of the entrepreneurs' consultants centre on the generation or creation of values through the effective use of resources (financial or non-financial) through the understanding of the drivers of the stakeholders value (which may include Shareholders, Customers, Employers, Suppliers, Communities and Government) and organisational innovation, the provision, analysis and interpretation of information to business owners for formulation of strategy, planning, decision making and control.

Most of the small and medium scale enterprises do not have proper financial recording of transactions and cannot easily measure performance due to lack of cost determination process, financial control mechanism, budgeting, forecasting method or reduction of waste in resources, risk management and business assurance.

These activities are carried out by entrepreneurs' consultants in different modes, including, directing, influencing, evaluating and informing, deploying various analytical techniques including strategic analysis, competitors review, ratio analysis, risk assessment, combination of challenging and questioning approach with understanding of the business, its market and competitive environment.

Members of the Institute of Chartered Entrepreneurs' Consultants of Nigeria (ICECN) are committed to providing value to our clients and adhere to a stringent code of ETHICS. There can be no half measure of integrity in our obligation to our clients. We are honest in all transactions, in terms of money and expenditures.

We treat every information about our client with respect and absolute confidentiality. We uphold the best tradition of consulting with sound business principles to assist our clients in achieving the most successful business performance.

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