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What We Do
  • Provides organisations with human capital of high educational ability and experience and secure professional status....Read more 

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Dr. Anyanwu Chikpandu Francis
(Director General/Chief Executive Officer)

Students and Membership Brochure
The economic condition of Nigeria has clearly shown that paid employment is no more available to absorb our teeming graduates who continue to roam about the streets searching for non-existing jobs. This has resulted in high rate of unemployment, youth restiveness among others, and in absence of any legitimate means of livelihood, most of them readily take up social vices to keep soul and body together. The Institute of chartered Entrepreneur’s Consultants Nigeria (ICECN) as a registered independent professional body has come to the rescue by complementing the effort of the Government in Job Creation; Promoting Entrepreneurship Education; helping individuals to develop creative entrepreneurship skill; Helping business owners to be more effective in business management.

Objective of the Institute

  1. Promote self-reliance and mutual aid for the alleviation of poverty;
  2. Encourage, increase, disseminate and promote education training if members in respect to the practice of entrepreneurship
  3. Conducting professional examinations leading to the award of certificates as may be prescribed by the institute
  4. Determining the standard of knowledge and skill to be obtained by persons seeking to become registered members of the institute and raising those standards from time to time as circumstances may demands
  5. Maintaining discipline within the profession
  6. Highlight and impact such special knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship
  7. Encourage formation of cooperatives so that direct benefits of democracy and entrepreneurship can be obtained
  8. Assess business possibilities, opportunities and shaping the future of organisations and enterprises
  9. The establishment and maintenance of a register of members entitled to practice as Chartered Entrepreneur and a register of institutional members

Membership of the Institute
Membership of the institute shall be on the following categories:
Fellow Members:

if the person is at least 28years of age and;

  1. Have five years relevant working experience in the office of one or more organisations;
  2. Have, for at least three years in the past ten years held relevant senior position in one or more organisations;
  3. Are holder of the certificate of the institute and approved academic professional qualifications; and
  4. At the discretion of the council to be fit and proper persons to be enrolled;
  5. Are entitle to use the designatory letters “FICECN”


Associate Members:
If the person is 18years or above and:

  1. Satisfies the Council that he/she is eligible to be registered and has passed the associate-ship examination (PE.2);
  2. Has acquired on the job practical experience in entrepreneurship or related fields for such number of years as may be satisfies by the Council; and
  3. He/she is entitled to use the designatory letter “AICECN”

Graduate Members:
If the person:

  1. Satisfies the Council that he/she is eligible to be registered;ii. Has been a student member and has met the qualification as prescribed by the Institute;
  2. Has passed the associate ship examination (PE.2) but has not met other conditions; and
  3. Shall be entitled to use the title “Grad CIEN” which shall be temporary grade, during which may apply for membership as an associate member of the institute.

Full Member:

If the person is 18years of age or above and

  1. Has passed any examination prescribed or accepted by the Institute;
  2. Has at least, six years relevant working experience in the office of one or more organisations organised by the institute, however, the period of six years may be reduced by up to four years in respect of time already spent in full time higher education approved by the Government.
  3. Are entitled to use the designatory letter “MICECN”

An Institute Member:
If the person:

  1. Satisfied the council that he/she is eligible to be registered;
  2. Satisfy all the criteria as maybe specified by the Council from time to time
  3. Or institutional member of the Institute shall be entitled to receive from the Council a certificate in such a form as the Council approve for that purpose

Registration Requirement

  1. Foundation Level: SSCE/SSCE/NABTEB
  2. Intermediate Level: OND/EQUIVALENT
  3. Professional Level: HND/BSC/MBA/MSC

Examination Dates:
The Institute examinations are held in the month of March and September yearly at various centres in Nigeria

The Institute provides lectures for all parts of the Institute examinations. A student may also choose to study for the examination by means of full-time or part-time or related courses at polytechnic or college or by correspondence.

Graduates of entrepreneurship from recognised institutions shall be exempted up to professional examination (PE.1) on application; others will be given exemption on subject to subject bases as may be determined by the Council.

Standard of the Institute
The Institute maintains standard for each level of its examinations, comparable to other professional bodies. The examinations comprise of 14 papers each of three duration


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